Sacred Movements offers a movement and meditation practice for pregnant and postpartum women. This allows them to reconnect to their divine feminine power and body as they go through changes during their life journey. Our practice is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience. This is the path through your body that flows within your soul and heals your womb, heals your heart.

Sacred Movements is a spiritual way of life. This is an every day practice where you can connect with your divine nature, and your baby. Your path is what you and your babies soul wants and desires. Through this work you honor your true higher self.

You embody your feminine essence through the ancient arts of love. Feminine energy is like the sweet nectar of a beautiful flower. When you tap into your divine feminine, you bloom to become an enchantress and can create a blissful birth.

We offer personal and group services for individuals, baby showers, and women's events through our mobile wellness program. I invite you to come and experience a trans-formative lifestyle as you go through your own journey of self-discovery.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Founder & CEO: Fatima Georges

Executive Aide: Jonnelle Fletcher

Treasurer: Qian LeBeau-Jardin

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