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We are a Non-Profit (501c3) organization serving low income pregnant women in need of prenatal care and support. We work in collaboration with Magical Bliss Birth helping pregnant women for 10+ years create healthy and blissful births. 


Fatima understands all too well the emotional impact of not having the finances to receive prenatal care and support she needs. As a pregnant mother who had to go on maternity leave early while still providing 24/7 care for her 1st child, the financial burden became an anxiety producing nightmare. Without the help of her friends and family during those tough times, there would of been no great health care, proper nourishment and a blissful birth.


Fatima made a promise to herself that if she was able to pay it forward and help other women experiencing the same hardship, she would. And she did, helping over 100 women since she launched Sacred Movements, Corp. We  provide our women with birth education, sensual feminine practices, personal coaching, and natural health care products.


This year we face a new challenge, Covid19. This has increased the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs from our women. Now more than ever we need YOUR help. Without you and your generosity, we can’t serve our women. Every little bit matters, so we humbly ask you to make a donation to our cause. These women and families are counting on us, and we know our communities will rise to this challenge. Be the hope and connection these women need, donate today and #bethemiracle to our women giving all they can to enjoy their pregnancy and birth.


Meet Our Board of Directors

Founder & CEO: Fatima Georges

Executive Aide: Jonnelle Fletcher

Treasurer: Qian LeBeau-Jardin

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