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you make the difference for a pregnant woman in crisis

Deprivation in pregnancy is associated with malnutrition and stress which contributes to a life-long course of disparities in health outcomes such as preterm labor, miscarriage, lower birth weight, painful birth, and infant death.

Our mission is to offer free prenatal care and support to low income pregnant women.


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Mother Water - Shamans Dream
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birth stories


Jasmine Maat-Moises

BlissBirth was such an amazing experience! It has taught me a lot about myself that I had deep within me; hidden fears, hidden strengths and hidden skills. I didn’t really know how to meditate or where to start but with the help and guidance of Kaheri and Fatima, I was comfortable, relaxed and happy. They allowed me to go within and bring out another side of me that I never knew existed. I was able to learn new breathing techniques, how to meditate and move in such a way that made me feel like a sexy preggo while also showing me that these movements can assist with birthing. What I also loved the most was the self breast massages they taught that help with lactation and release and stagnation we may have in our chest. These ladies have a great connection with the universe and I’m so happy and blessed to have been able to take this course and have them by my side! 


Ashley Rae

Mornin! It totally happened. Those regular waves turned into my birth journey! Early Saturday morning at 4:06 I gave birth to my 7lb 8 oz son Cave Outlaw, born into his daddy's hands. I had a successful Freebirth in my sovereign power at the house we are staying at right now!!! It was 6 hours and 36 mins. It was the most life giving (literally and figuratively) 6hrs of my life. Can't wait for you to meet this babe. Thank you for being a light in my preparation for manifesting my dream birth! You are an angel, keep doing your good work!

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Tyler Morgan

Working with Fatima and her sister during my pregnancy was a pure and radiant experience. I learned techniques and exercises to alleviate body tension and discomfort, as well ways to stimulate milk production. The positivity and affirming energy I felt during our sessions truly aided in my blissful birthing experience. Many of the tools and knowledge I gained has also been beneficial for this postpartum stage. 

be apart of our birth movement

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