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Jasmine Maat-Moises

BlissBirth was such an amazing experience! It has taught me a lot about myself that I had deep within me; hidden fears, hidden strengths and hidden skills. I didn’t really know how to meditate or where to start but with the help and guidance of Kaheri and Fatima, I was comfortable, relaxed and happy. They allowed me to go within and bring out another side of me that I never knew existed. I was able to learn new breathing techniques, how to meditate and move in such a way that made me feel like a sexy preggo while also showing me that these movements can assist with birthing. What I also loved the most was the self breast massages they taught that help with lactation and release and stagnation we may have in our chest. These ladies have a great connection with the universe and I’m so happy and blessed to have been able to take this course and have them by my side! 

Alexis Hatfield

I truly appreciate the amazing experience today! It is amazing how God works as I had been praying for almost one year for guidance towards the perfect meditation class for me and I found you. You truly do not know how joyful I have been since I have waited patiently for this. From start to finish, I felt as though I was truly in a sacred space and the energy that flowed throughout the entire room and session was a HUGE refresher! As a stiff amateur, I am sure that as I continue to take heed to your teachings, I will become even stronger and more balanced in all areas of my life. There is an enormous amount of abundance and favor on your life Queen! Most importantly though, I have to thank our main one, for connecting me with you!

Tyler Morgan

Working with Fatima and her sister during my pregnancy was a pure and radiant experience. I learned techniques and exercises to alleviate body tension and discomfort, as well ways to stimulate milk production. The positivity and affirming energy I felt during our sessions truly aided in my blissful birthing experience. Many of the tools and knowledge I gained has also been beneficial for this postpartum stage. 

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